Don Boroughs
Writer, Photographer
Washington, DC

all photos © Don Boroughs 2014

Don Boroughs is committed to informing South Africans about steps they can take to limit their environmental impact. In 2013, he won the eta Award for Energy Savings in Households. He researched and wrote the text of the Green Building Council's award-winning My Green Home website and the My Green Home Guide. His no-greenwash approach to environmental journalism relies on quantitative analysis and has featured in a dozen publications, as well as his blog: GreenerHouse.


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A contributing editor at Prism, the magazine of the American Society of Engineering Education, Don has interviewed hundreds of engineers. The topics of his cover stories and features have ranged from radio astronomy telescopes to medical devices that fold like origami. He has earned awards from APEX and The Communicator Awards for reporting on renewable energy, innovation clusters and engineering education in Rwanda.

A former Roving Editor for International Wildlife magazine, Don Boroughs has published articles and photographs in BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, International Wildlife and other leading magazines around the world. He won the Strohm Magazine Writing award from the National Wildlife Federation for his story about conserving the fynbos biome in South Africa.

Energy Efficiency

As a former Senior Editor for US News & World Report, Don Boroughs has reported on international affairs, domestic politics, economics, pop singers, Broadway producers and diet plans. His specialty at US News was business profiles, and he has interviewed many of America' s top executives. As a radio reporter he has produced dozens of features for Marketplace and NPR. His freelance work has spanned the realms of travel, geography, culture, education and economic development.

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